The Artist - Clothing should be Exciting, Beautiful, Unusual, and Long-Lasting.

“Clothing should be Exciting, Beautiful, Unusual, and Long-Lasting”

Vicky Heldreich Durand, 1957 International Surfing Champion, fell in love with Hawaii on a visit to Molokai at the age of 12. The love of surf and the casual essence of island life inspired Vicky and her family to move to Hawaii . Raised near Waikiki Beach , she had an early fascination with sewing and fashion. Vicky attributes her creativity and love for the arts to her parents who were both professional artists.

Vicky Durand began her career designing and manufacturing children's bikinis and dresses. Several years later she designed clothing made from 100-pound rice sacks. Her company manufactured men's shirts, women's dresses, shorts, pants, and tops. The rice bags were also quilted and combined with denim for jackets. The clothing designs sold in boutiques and department stores across the continental United States and Hawaii as well as from her Southern California Laguna Beach boutique.

Vicky Durand captures the essence of simple tropical-chic using an array of vibrant colors, original designs, and natural fabrics. Her print designs are inspired by the lush Hawaiian flora, colorful marine life and striking ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings). Vicky Durand's stylish resort wear translates the tropics onto cotton, linen and silk crepe fashions that are unusual, exciting and comfortable to wear.

After earning her Masters' degree in Clothing and Textiles, an enhanced collection of Vicky Durand resort wear emerged in 2004. Vicky's brilliantly colored sarongs, scarves, caftans, skirts, crop pants, tote bags, bikinis, and visors are available in fine island stores, Vicky Durand's Makaha Beach boutique, and Online shopping.

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